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Books featuring the work of Alexandra Tyng

ARt of Acadia

David Little and Carl Little

My aerial landscape Jet Streams is on the front cover, and two of my paintings are inside, along with a wonderful selection of work by other artists. I highly recommend this book to anyone who appreciates Maine and/or landscape painting.

21st Century Figurative Art: The Resurrection of Art

With essays by Jan Esmann and F. Scott Hess

The collection of work by 17 living artists was compiled by representational figurative painter Jan Esmann. I'm pleased to have my work included along with that of  Steven Assael, Aleah Chapin, Stephanie Deshpande, Max Ginsburg, Daniel Greene, F. Scott Hess, Yuqi Wang, Thomas Wharton, Pamela Wilson, Jan Esmann himself, and other favorite artists.

Portrait CoMmissions

For pricing information, please contact the artist.

I work from my own photos, drawings, and oil sketches, so I will need to meet with you two or three times for 1-2 hour periods. I like to begin by talking with you to get a sense of what you envision, and to explore ideas.

It’s important to gather as much information as possible about you before starting to paint you.  I observe and sketch you at work or in your daily routine, and if I am painting your children I will sketch them while they play or go about their usual activities. While I am drawing, I am noticing your mannerisms, personality, nuances, all the details that will contribute to a lifelike and accurate portrayal. I’m also thinking about possible compositions. A carefully considered composition will make a visual impact while enhancing the subject. When the composition forms in my mind, I take a series of photographs of you. I will probably return on another day to take another series of photos. Most people notice that they look and feel different on different days, and I find this variation interesting as I try to capture your essential characteristics. Whenever possible, I like you to sit for 1-2 hours for a head-and-shoulders oil sketch so I can obtain accurate color information.

I will keep you informed during the planning and painting of the portrait. As soon as I am able to begin work on your portrait, I will send you selected photos, enlargements, and a photo-montage and/or oil sketch of my proposal, and I welcome your comments and questions. When the portrait is almost finished I will send you digital images of the work and we can discuss it via e-mail or over the phone. (If you live within traveling distance of my studio, I recommend that you travel to my studio to see the actual portrait.)

The fee for the portrait will be payable in two installments. A non-refundable deposit of 1/3 the total fee is due at our initial meeting, and the remaining 2/3 is due upon satisfactory completion of the work. Your final payment is considered a formal indication of your satisfaction, after which time I will not be held responsible for making any further changes.

Travel expenses are in addition to my basic fee. Crating and shipping charges are also added onto the basic fee. Framing is not included in our agreement, although I will be happy to help you choose a frame if you are a local client.

It is understood that you will not alter or reproduce my work after delivery to you. As the artist, I retain the copyright on the image. This means I retain the right to use the image for promotional purposes, including but not limited to brochures and other printed material, publications including books and articles about my work, and websites and films showing my work.